“I love”.. square cash

Goodbye to the days of hunting each other down to get paid back and hello square cash.  My sisters and I have been spending a lot of time together.  For us that means seeing each other maybe once every other month, but considering it has been maybe once a year, this is a big step up for us!  Well, spending time together naturally means eating out and going shopping.  Often one of us will pick up the bill and another will say I’ll pay you back later.  Surely this has happened to you, right?  Maybe you get paid back, maybe you don’t.. I mean who really carries cash around with them anymore?  Well with square cash you can take 10 seconds (literally!) and pay that person the exact amount from your smart phone.  It’s SO easy!

Displaying IMG_7395.jpg

I mean that bought a lot of stuff…

On my trip to Boston to help move my sister into her new apartment, we stopped at Ikea.  Kelly and Lindsay bought a ton of stuff, and I found a $1 set of travel bottles.  Well it got mixed in with Lindsay’s stuff so she paid for it.  I immediately took out my phone and before she had signed for her items, I had sent her the $1 on square cash.  I LOVE IT!  No more “you owe me for this”, or “well you bought that”.  Now there are no excuses.

It is also great for buying joint gifts.  We do this a lot in my family too.  One person pays for it, and the others immediately reimburse them for their part with square cash.  Have I said I love it? ‘Cause I do.

The app connects to your back account and email, so you “email” whoever you are giving money to.  Try it out!  Square cash will send you a dollar so you can test out how it works.  Who can say no to a free dollar? Once you do it once, your information is saved so it is so fast and easy to do!

square cash 2

square cash1

square cash

Angela & Kai

Everything about Angela & Kai’s wedding day was absolutely gorgeous.  Stunning.  Exquisite.  Elegant.  It was our first time shooting at The Founders Inn and Spa, an amazingly beautiful location.  We grabbed her incredible details, just wait ’til you see these shoes, her dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses.. GAH!  Her florist dropped off the fantastic bouquets.  Her hair and make-up was FLAWLESS.  The first look on the grounds, the ceremony location in the gardens, the cocktail hour in the atrium, the reception in the ballroom.  All gorgeous.

 Angela & Kai for blog 001 V Diptych 3 Angela & Kai for blog 004

This dress is amazing!

V Diptych 1 V Diptych 2 Angela & Kai for blog 010

Angela & Kai for blog 006

Can’t decide which ring shot we love more.. Which do you like?

Angela & Kai for blog 014 V Diptych 4 Angela & Kai for blog 016 V Diptych 13 Angela & Kai for blog 017 V Diptych 5 Angela & Kai for blog 023 V Diptych 7 V Diptych 6 Angela & Kai for blog 027

So excited so many of our couple this season opted for first looks!  We LOVE them!

Angela & Kai for blog 030 V Diptych 8 Angela & Kai for blog 034 V Diptych 9 Angela & Kai for blog 035 V Diptych 10 V Diptych 11

Such a beautiful couple!

Angela & Kai for blog 037

Angela & Kai for blog 042 V Diptych 12 Angela & Kai for blog 045 V Diptych 14 Angela & Kai for blog 036

Angela & Kai for blog 047H Diptych 1 Angela & Kai for blog 058

Angela & Kai for blog 053H Diptych 2 Angela & Kai for blog 056

Angela & Kai for blog 061

Angela & Kai for blog 057

Angela & Kai for blog 059

Angela & Kai for blog 063

Angela & Kai for blog 064 V Diptych 16Angela & Kai for blog 015 V Diptych 15 Angela & Kai for blog 070

Angela & Kai for blog 074 V Diptych 17 Angela & Kai for blog 072

Angela & Kai for blog 077

Angela & Kai for blog 078

Angela & Kai for blog 079

Angela & Kai for blog 080

Angela & Kai for blog 066 V Diptych 18 Angela & Kai for blog 083

One of our favorite group shots!

Angela & Kai for blog 084 V Diptych 19 Angela & Kai for blog 087

Angela & Kai for blog 089

Angela & Kai for blog 094

Angela & Kai for blog 092

Angela & Kai for blog 095

Angela & Kai for blog 093 H Diptych 3Angela & Kai for blog 096 V Diptych 20 Angela & Kai for blog 098

Angela & Kai for blog 100

Angela & Kai for blog 101

Angela & Kai for blog 102

V Diptych 21 H Diptych 5 Angela & Kai for blog 110 V Diptych 22 H Diptych 4 Angela & Kai for blog 112 V Diptych 23

Angela & Kai, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day!

Carol & Eric

Carol & Eric’s wedding day was very different from wedding days we are used to.  We usually arrive 1-2 hours before the dress goes on.  We have a chance to meet everyone, talk with everyone, and shoot a crazy amount of details before all the excitement begins.  In this case, we arrived and almost immediately started shooting ceremony #1 out of 3.  I was pretty nervous about jumping right in, but these people were AMAZING and needed no revving up!  Carol, Eric, and their families are so joyful and loving.  They started the day with a traditional Vietnamese ceremony, then went to another location and had a tradition Chinese ceremony and had an incredible lunch (complete with a roasted pig), and then our “normal” day began with a traditional western ceremony.  It was a whirlwind of a day, but it was so much fun! Carol & Eric, thank you for inviting us in to these beautiful moments.

H Diptych 8 ceremony 1 (13)

ceremony 1 (16) V Diptych 11 ceremony 1 (20)


ceremony 1 (50)


ceremony 1 (54) H Diptych 9 V Diptych 12 H Diptych 4 ceremony 3 (22)


ceremony 5 (24)

How cute are they!?

ceremony 5 (26)


Carol & Eric let us steal them away for a few minutes in between ceremonies. SO glad they did.

1 morning portraits (8)


1 morning portraits (2)


1 morning portraits (14)


1 morning portraits (3)


ceremony 6 (62)


ceremony 6 (40) V Diptych 13 V Diptych 15

‘lil Oscar selfie for ya.

ceremony 6 (48) V Diptych 18 H Diptych 7

And then to the beautiful Virginia Oaks Country Club.

the details (3)

V Diptych 17Oh how I love a first!

2 first look (3)


2 first look (24) V Diptych 2 V Diptych 1 3 portraits (47)


3 portraits (39)


3 portraits (40)


3 portraits (14)


3 portraits (13)


3 portraits (11)


3 portraits (8)


3 portraits (1) V Diptych 5 Love a good chair!

3 portraits (56)

3 portraits (49) V Diptych 3 3 portraits (63) V Diptych 4 3 portraits (67)

Took a fun golf cart ride to the best view over the lake!

bridal party 1 (40)

bridal party 1 (53)

bridal party 1 (1)

bridal party 3 (4)

bridal party 2 (2)

bridal party 3 (8)

bridal party 2 (6)

V Diptych 6 bridal party 1 (38)

4 bridals (2)

4 bridals (4) V Diptych 7

We just love beautiful outdoor ceremonies!

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0149

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0151V Diptych 20 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0161 V Diptych 21 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0171

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0807

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0247

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0243

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0862

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0263

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0866

Time to get to the dance floor!

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0271 V Diptych 8 H Diptych 3 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0300 V Diptych 14 H Diptych 1 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0298

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0307 H Diptych 2 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0927

Carol & Eric's Wedding 0990 V Diptych 9 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0325 H Diptych 6 V Diptych 10 Carol & Eric's Wedding 0313

Congratulations Carol & Eric! We are so excited you chose us to celebrate your beautiful weddings with! You guys are such a wonderful couple, and we wish you all the happiness in the world!

“I love”.. summer

I’ve put my kiddos on the bus for the last time today! 20140614_083303
We have an awesome tradition at our school; on the last day, the students all pack onto the bus and all the teachers stand and wave them off as they go around the bus loop a couple of times.  I love seeing all my students, past and present, hanging themselves out the window waving goodbye.  It’s always a bittersweet feeling, but I am so excited for this summer!  We have so many AWESOME things planned.  Hopefully we get to them all!  You can keep up with us on Instagram (and most likely a few blog posts) with the hashtag #MLbucketlist.

What is on your summer bucket list?  Help us add to ours!

  • go to Newport News Park (we’ve NEVER been!!!)
  • walk the Noland Trail
  • go to many more concerts
  • go to busch gardens
  • have a picnic in the park
  • visit williamsburg
  • go camping
  • go to a farmers’ market
  • try some pinterest how-tos
  • clean out the closets
  • pick fruit
  • spend a day on the lake
  • go to the eastern shore
  • go wine tasting
  • plan an awesome baby shower
  • go to the watermelon festival
  • go to D.C.
  • go to the VA beach music festival in july
  • attend and shoot some AMAZING weddings
  • road trip along the pacific coast highway
  • help friends with wedding planning

 And just incase you missed this ‘lil gem..

Amanda & Travis

I feel like Amanda & Travis are old friends now.  From our coffee date out, to engagements, and bridals, to our many emails back and forth I feel like I’ve known this couple forever.  Sometimes we meet our couples for the first time while they are getting ready the day of their wedding, but we were lucky to meet with these two many times before the big day.  Come portrait time, they were like seasoned pros!  There is seriously something to be said about doing engagements and meet ups with your wedding photographer!  Amanda & Travis, we hope you love your images!  Thank you for trusting us during this amazing time in your lives.

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (1)

I LOVED Amanda’s bridesmaid’s gift!  Monogrammed bag.  SO cute!

Untitled-1Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (4) Untitled-2Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (9)

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (12)Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (20) Untitled-3Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (21)

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (29) Untitled-5

Loved these beautiful robes.

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (27)
Untitled-6Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (28) Untitled-7 Untitled-8Lots of beautiful tears after this Daddy – Daughter first look!

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (36)
Untitled-10Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (65)

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (54) Untitled-9Untitled-12Gorgeous little church!

Amanda & Travis 1preceremony (53)Untitled-13 Untitled-11AH! I think he likes what he sees!

Amanda & Travis 2 ceremony (1)

Amanda & Travis 2 ceremony (4)
Amanda & Travis 2 ceremony (9)Untitled-4

Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (2) Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (4)Untitled-14Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (5) Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (8)


Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (12) Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (9)

Amanda & Travis 3 bridal party (10)

Amanda & Travis 4 bride & groom (6)Untitled-16Amanda & Travis 4 bride & groom (7)Untitled-17Thank you for letting Michael & I flag you down to stop in the middle of the street on our way to the reception.  SO worth it!

Amanda & Travis 4 bride & groom (12)

Amanda & Travis 4 bride & groom (9)Untitled-18Amanda & Travis 4 bride & groom (14) Amanda & Travis 5 reception (10)Untitled-23 Amanda & Travis 5 reception (54)

Now THAT’S how you make an entrance!
Untitled-19 Untitled-20

Amanda & Travis 5 reception (6) Amanda & Travis 5 reception (7) Amanda & Travis 5 reception (8) Untitled-21 Untitled-22 Amanda & Travis 5 reception (18)

Untitled-24This is always my favorite moment of the reception!

Amanda & Travis 5 reception (20) Amanda & Travis 5 reception (14) Amanda & Travis 5 reception (12)

I love when we have a few minutes during the reception for some extra portraits!

Amanda & Travis 5 reception (61)
Untitled-26Amanda & Travis 5 reception (65) Untitled-27Untitled-25Amanda & Travis 5 reception (67) Untitled-28 Untitled-29

Amanda & Travis 5 reception (71) Amanda & Travis 5 reception (69)

Jen & Ryan

Jen & Ryan, we had such a BLAST at your wedding!  We hope you enjoy this little video of our favorite parts of your big day.  We love you both! Thanks for including us in this AMAZING day!!!


One thing I wish we had invested in for our wedding day is a videographer.  I am so glad we had a friend take some video, but almost 2 years later (HOLY cow.. I’ve almost been married for two years!? yikes) we still haven’t taken the video off the camera!  So glad our wedding images are amazing and we get to flip through our album constantly.  I love sites like wedding mix where you can get hassle free, inexpensive video memories (it looks awesome.. go check it out).

Amanda’s Bridals

Taking bridal portraits is so hard.  Well, I LOVE the actual taking of the bridal portraits.. it’s AMAZING to have 1-2 hours to get every image you want in a relaxed and stress-free setting (AND makes the wedding day run smoother – I love it), but it’s SO hard to keep them without sharing any until after the wedding day!!!  I am so excited to share these from Amanda’s bridal session, and now I can’t wait ’til I get to share all the ones from her amazing wedding this past weekend.

Amanda Bridal 164

LOVE this one. You are gorgeous, Amanda! 
Amanda Bridal 202

Amanda Bridal Canvas_ Amanda Bridal 178 Amanda Bridal 134 Amanda Bridal 103 Amanda Bridal 076

Amanda gave this one to her dad on her wedding day.  There were tears.

Amanda Bridal 077 Amanda Bridal 069


Amanda Bridal 053 Amanda Bridal 039 Amanda Bridal 020 Amanda Bridal 021 Amanda Bridal 017

Album Sale

We are VERY excited to announce our first ever album sale!  All albums are 25% off, past and present couples are able to take advantage of this awesome deal.  Not only are they all 25% off, but we are adding 10 pages (5 spreads) to every order at no cost.  Very excited!  Pictures are meant to be printed.  We look at our wedding album constantly and I love it!

Last, and possibly most exciting, parent albums (duplicate 8×8 albums) are an additional 20% off!  They make such a perfect gift for parents – our parents LOVED theirs! My mom kept hers with her and showed our pictures off to everyone for weeks!

album sale


***These are not our images, they were taken from our professional printer so you are able to get an idea of what these beautiful albums look like!

album sale NPLwebsite_Album99_NEWpg_FINAL_banner3 NPLwebsite_Album99_NEWpg_FINAL_banner6 NPLwebsite_Album99_NEWpg_FINAL_banner8 NPLwebsite_Album99_NEWpg_FINAL_banner11 NPLwebsite_Album99_NEWpg_FINAL_banner13

Spring Break/Work Week

It’s my spring break and I couldn’t be more excited.  As a teacher, those months after Christmas Break are stressful!  The weather is getting warm, the kids are getting spring fever, testing is approaching, and you can feel the tension in the building.  I am so overjoyed to have some time away from my little ones – and the big stresses to unwind and regroup.  Michael and I spent the weekend in Duck, OBX and it was so nice to have a couple of days to sit on the beach, curl up on the couch to catch up on our shows, and treat ourselves.  But now Michael is off at work and I am going to turn this part of spring break into a productive work week.  So many things get pushed aside during busy school months, so I am playing catch-up. Here is the to-do list…


  • Do a deep clean of the house!
  • Plan out meals – and try making some freezer meals (anyone know some good recipes?)
  • Plan Easter weekend
  • Go visit two of my very best friends!
  • Finish painting the door
  • Organize our office
  • Do all the laundry and get everything put away (clean out the closet while you’re at it)
  • Keep up with the Explicit Gospel study & personal devotionals
  • Finish our honeymoon album.. it’s so close!
  • Buy a new fan for Michael to install
  • Update frames in the house with new prints!


  • Create a blogging calendar (at least twice a week)
  • Set up portrait dates
  • Send the last of our client gifts for this summer’s weddings!
  • Try out setting up a PASS gallery
  • Organize mailings

Hopefully I can get all these things done and feel a little more on top of things!  Help keep me accountable!!!

Little print from Jorey Hurely, ’cause every post needs a good image.