Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael and I are dreaming of turkey and cranberry sauce, but samosas and Fanta will have to do.  It’s days like these we get a little home sick thinking of things we are missing out on, but we are so thrilled for the opportunity to be in Kenya, that a few missed holidays are worth it.  So while we aren’t celebrating in the usual way with tons of family and good food, we are celebrating by thinking of the many, many blessing we have and giving thanks for the amazing things in our life.

Here are a few things we have realized we are SUPER thankful for in our normal lives..

Long, hot showers with good water pressure

2014-11-27_0008 An oven, a big fridge and ice machine, and a dish washer.


A washing machine and dryer


kenyan thankgiving


No mosquitos in our house and our big king sized super cozy bed (really thankful for our two pillows we brought with us though!)


Our quiet little neighborhood


Wonderful parents who love and support our crazy ideas

Things we are thankful for here in Kenya…

 Malaria free mosquitos

 Chapati and samosas


Joyful children who have a home here at Happy Life


Our fruit lady

Beautiful, warm weather


 We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.. Eat some extra turkey for us!


One comment

  1. Beautiful pictures; like the way you have pointed out the things you are thankful for; You may miss the turkey etc. but definitely not the weather.
    You have a lot of bites on your arms, Laura. mosquitoes or bed bugs? do you have something to put on them?

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