BIG news!… finally

Over a year ago, when Michael and I began telling people we were moving to Kenya, I was extremely hesitant to tell people about our plans.  This is because we had NO IDEA what our plans were.  We knew we were moving to Kenya, and that was about it.  We were just faithful that God had a plan for us, that he was going to use us in this place, and that it was going to be an amazing experience.  But we had no concept of what that meant.  We didn’t know where we were going to go, how we were going to get there, or how long we’d stay.  But of course, people wanted to know details.  The thing is, we didn’t have any.  So all I said is “we’re moving to Kenya”.  And people took that to mean a lot of different things, because it was vague.  Purposefully, very vague.  Because we just didn’t know.  Even after we moved here.  We had no idea.  We just went where we were led, and tried not to make many plans (which is exceptionally hard for a planner like me to do).  And that has REALLY worked out for us.  Just learning to trust and go where we feel led.  It has been amazing.  And I will tell you A LOT more about that in future posts, but for know I can tell you our plans.

‘Cause now we know.  Now we can tell you what we’re doing in Kenya (’cause we’ve done it) and how long we’re staying (’cause we have our flight back to the US).

We are moving home in MAY!  Like 4 weeks from now.  And we are so excited to come home and so ridiculously sad to leave.

Honestly, I am confused how it is April already.  I feel like it was just last week I was moving out of my house, sorting through my clothes, and trying to decide what I needed to move to Africa.  But then again, this place is home now.

We have loved our time here and I’m so excited to write many, many blog posts to sum up our time in Kenya, but first, we want to make a HUGE announcement.  Michael and I (with the help of a few amazing people) have been working really hard for the last few months rebranding Michael & Laura Photography.  I am SO excited that after months of hard work we are finally able to share everything we’ve come up with!!!

Since we’ve been living in a very remote area, with absolutely no internet access, we will be putting on the final touches this month for our re-launch this MAY!  AH.. How is it April already???

We wanted to give you all a little sneak peek of what we’ve been working so hard on (our rebranding board).. We hope you LOVE it.. And can’t wait to share the finished product, along with a lot more surprises (including a WEEK full of GIVEAWAYS)!


and of course.. some of our sweet, sweet babies!

kenya teaching Juja Teaching

(check back for another video later this week – school supplies style!)


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