The 10 things we are most excited for in the next 10 hours

Michael and I are a mere 12 hour flight away from being back in the US!!!   I still can’t even wrap my head around it.. Almost like 8 months ago I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that we were moving to Kenya.  Ha.  I need to learn to accept things..We are SO excited to be home.. But there are a few things we’re especially excited for…in no particular order.

  1. The availability of water, fountain sodas, ice, and diet coke (and not having to ask for my beer to come “cold”).  First stop, Firehouse Subs for a LARGE Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke with an ENORMOUS amount of ICE!!!  Ahhh so excited.
  2. Electronics!  Our dishwasher, washing machine, dryers, iron, and a stove.  I’m so excited to finally feel like my clothes are CLEAN, to not have to boil water to wash a plate, and to not wonder if I have enough clothes pins or a big enough line for the amount of wash I’m doing.. It’s going to be awesome. AND I can cook a real dinner.. Like in an oven.. Which leads me too..
  3. Grocery stores with things I’ve heard of that will take my credit card without being shocked and wondering what I’ve just handed them.. Literally ever time we go to the grocery story here I have to tell them 100 times “it’s a swipe, there’s no pin, I’m sure, no pin, it’s a credit card, swipe it…” But no longer..
  4. Internet and sites that allow me to view them.  We have gone a long time without a solid internet access and I will be very excited to have it again.  Also, you’d be surprised how many sites can’t be accessed from Kenya!  Hulu, netflix, youtube, tons of stores.. It will be exciting to be able to watch my shows and shop online again 🙂
  5. Restaurants! What I wouldn’t do for a Tragermeister from Anderson’s Showplace Café.. Or ribs, cornbread, and bbq baked beans from The Flying Pig.. Or a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a (and a chocolate chip cookie – ’cause those are THE BEST C.C.Cs money can buy).. Or burrito bowl from Chipotle.. Or a big ‘ole cup of Ritas.. Mmmmmmm I gotta stop..
  6. Being able to drive (I was way too terrified to drive in Kenya) with no speed bumps on the highway or waiting for herds of cows to cross.. And not being afraid when I see a police officer..
  7. TARGET.. A little sad?  Maybe.. But Michael and I have a deep love for Target.  I’m going to get myself a diet coke and big bag of popcorn and roam the aisles of that place like nobody’s business.
  8. A phone!  I’ve barely picked up a phone since we’ve been here.. And while I’ve never been much a phone person (in that I am awful at carrying my phone with me and responding to texts/call.. I really gotta work on that).. I am SO excited to have a phone again! Sorry in advance for blowing up your instagram
  9. Seeing friends and family!  We are so thankful that my family and one of my best friends came to visit while we were here, but it sure is going to be nice to catch up with all our friends and family!!! Especially excited for a few family vacations and attending some WEDDINGS as guests!
  10. And moving back into our HOUSE.  Unpacking all my clothes and not living out of a suitcase.  Staying put and not moving around a ton.  Having our own space again and privacy!!! Our big fluffy bed and sleeping without a mosquito net or waking up to buzzing in our ears.   Sitting in bed and playing on the internet.  Cooking without being in anyone’s way.  Lazy mornings eating breakfast on the couch and listening to our music on our record player.

Ahhh it will be nice to be home.


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