Caitlin & Ray – Part I

Over 8 years ago (whoa I can’t BELIEVE it has been that long!) I was at freshman orientation at CNU.  A friend of mine and I went to a “dance party” in a residence hall lounge.. one of the many exciting things planned for that weekend.  Problem was, when we got there, though there was loud music, not a soul was dancing.  My friend and I decided to start dance anyways.. and the first person to join us, a total stranger then, is now my best friend in the world.  Caitlin has one of the most incredible hearts of anyone I know and I am so honored to call her a friend. Living this far away from her is killing me, and I am SO thankful her and her future hubby are planning to visit us here in Kenya.  Thankfully, I can call her and it’s like I’m sitting right next to her, or Facebook her my ridiculous thoughts from the day, just like normal.

ANYWAYS.. I love her, you get the point.. well a few months ago when she called me to ask about how someone goes about booking an engagement session with us, I started to freak.  All I could do was keep asking her “why do you need to know that?  Why, what’s happening? Why?!”.  She finally let me know that Ray had finally proposed!  And I of course, started hysterically crying.  I could not be more excited for these two.  I love Ray so much and I am so excited that my best friend, with a heart of gold, has found the man that deserves her.

2014-11-30_0015 2014-11-30_0016 2014-11-30_0017 2014-11-30_0018 2014-11-30_0019 capon-west-virginia-resort-engagements 2014-11-30_0025 2014-11-30_0026 2014-11-30_0020 2014-11-30_0006 2014-11-30_0021 2014-11-30_0022 2014-11-30_0011 2014-11-30_0012 2014-11-30_0013 2014-11-30_0023 2014-11-30_0024 2014-11-30_0010 2014-11-30_0009

Such good model faces!



2014-11-30_0007  2014-11-30_0005  2014-11-30_0003 Capon-West-Virginia-Resort-Engagement 2014-11-30_0004 2014-11-30_0014

Check back for part II.. just as soon as this Kenyan internet uploads it!


Brendan & Ali – Engaged!

We met up with Brendan and Ali in downtown Richmond and when Brendan stepped out of the car in his dress blues followed by Ali in an adorable red dress and killer boots, I about died.  I knew this shoot was going to be a favorite right away.  They make such an amazing couple and were so excited to be spending time together (Brendan has been away with the Navy and was just back for a quick Thanksgiving break) that they pretty much did our job for us.  We barely posed these two at all.  Just two people totally in love spending an afternoon together, and I am so glad we were there to capture it.  Enjoy some of our favorites.

Brendan & Ali for Blog 002

Brendan & Ali for Blog 003

Brendan & Ali for Blog 008

Brendan & Ali for Blog 032

Brendan & Ali for Blog 026

My new favorite ring shot!

Brendan & Ali for Blog 035

Brendan & Ali for Blog 043

Brendan & Ali for Blog 039

Brendan & Ali for Blog 044

Brendan & Ali for Blog 046

Brendan & Ali for Blog 050

Brendan & Ali for Blog 053

Brendan & Ali for Blog 056

Brendan & Ali for Blog 066

Ah! They are so adorable!!!

Brendan & Ali for Blog 073

Brendan & Ali for Blog 090

Brendan & Ali for Blog 105

Brendan & Ali for Blog 112

Brendan & Ali for Blog 131

Brendan & Ali for Blog 132

Brendan & Ali for Blog 138

Brendan & Ali for Blog 142

Jonathan & Emily

When I got the email from Emily that she wanted us to photograph this amazing time in her life I was thrilled, then terrified, then nervous, then thrilled again.  I have known and loved these two since I was like 12, so I was so excited when they asked us to be their photographers.  But then I thought, crap!  What if they don’t absolutely love their images?  Then I thought, oh my goodness.. I am going to know everyone at their wedding and we are going to be watched the whole time.  But then I thought, wait.  That is an AMAZING thing.   We are going to know everyone involved and that will make us find the best images possible so I got excited again.  What a whirlwind!  haha.. Emily has such confidence in us and I hope we don’t disappoint!  I really hope you LOVE your images Emily and Jonathan! We love you!

Johnathan & Emily Blog-021

Johnathan & Emily Blog-001

Johnathan & Emily Blog-003

Johnathan & Emily Blog-004

Johnathan & Emily Blog-023

Johnathan & Emily Blog-006

Johnathan & Emily Blog-005

Johnathan & Emily Blog-007

What can we say, except we could photograph Jonathan and Emily all day long! They were a joy to photograph – just look at how happy they are together!

Johnathan & Emily Blog-008

Johnathan & Emily Sneak Peek-1

Johnathan & Emily Blog-026

Johnathan & Emily Blog-027

Johnathan & Emily Blog-029

Johnathan & Emily Blog-033

Johnathan & Emily Blog-028

Johnathan & Emily Blog-030

Johnathan & Emily Blog-011

Johnathan & Emily Blog-012

Johnathan & Emily Blog-010

Johnathan & Emily Blog-014

Johnathan & Emily Blog-037

Johnathan & Emily Blog-035

Johnathan & Emily Blog-036

Johnathan & Emily Blog-039

Johnathan & Emily Blog-041

Johnathan & Emily Blog-043

Johnathan & Emily Blog-016

Johnathan & Emily Blog-017

Johnathan & Emily Blog-048

Johnathan & Emily Blog-018

Johnathan & Emily Blog-034

Johnathan & Emily Blog-046

Johnathan & Emily Blog-045

Johnathan & Emily Blog-050

Johnathan & Emily Blog-042

Johnathan & Emily Blog-049

I am so excited to post more of my sweet friend, Emily, and her adorable hubby!  More to come soon!!!

Emily and Jonathan Johnathan & Emily Sneak Peek-3 Johnathan & Emily Sneak Peek-1 Johnathan & Emily Sneak Peek-4

Angela & Kai

Angela and Kai are a wonderful couple we had the pleasure to photograph a short while ago, though somehow their complete post did not make it onto the blog yet! So, here they are, in the beautiful Maymont Park in Richmond! Angela & Kai, we had an absolute blast celebrating with you on your engagement, and are looking forward to your Wedding!

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 1

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 4

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 6

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 8

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 11

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 14

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 15

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 18

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 23

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 25

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 28

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 30

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 34

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 38

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 39

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 45

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 47

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 51

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 52

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 54

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 55

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 69

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 71

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 74

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 78

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 80

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 83

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 86

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 88 Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 92

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 94

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 96

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 99

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 103

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 105

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 117

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 120

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 121

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 122

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 129

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 132

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 133

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 137

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 147

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 153

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 152

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 158

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 169

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 159

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 174

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 179

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 184

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 188

Angela & Kai Engagement Blog 193

Bobby & Jenny

Say hello to our first engagement couple of the year! Bobby & Jenny were such a great couple to photograph; they were fun, energetic, had plenty of their own quirky ideas for photos that they wanted to try, and it really shows in their portraits. They also chose a first time location for us, at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk, which is gorgeous, and has so many amazing places to photograph. We could have only walked around the first corner and have plenty to work with for a full session! Congrats again to Bobby & Jenny, the photos really shout you, and we absolutely loved being a part of such a momentous life milestone!

Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 132 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 124 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 131 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 105 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 98 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 99Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 89 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 66 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 72 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 54 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 64 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 38 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 34 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 89 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 96 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 19 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 5 Bobby & Jenny Eng. pt 2 - IU 31 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 80 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 68 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 59 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 45 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 52 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 48 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 39 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 32 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 34 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 29 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 28 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 18 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 27 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 16 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 12 Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 9Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 81Congratulations Bobby and Jenny! We wish you all the happiness in the world!

Bobby & Jenny Eng. - IU 56

Christie & Ron

This is Christie and Ron, a wonderful couple whom Laura first met down the hall; Christie is a teacher at the same school as Laura. We photographed them down by Lions Bridge in Newport News,a great place to go for summer photography. It was a hot day, like triple digits hot, but they, along with their kids were troopers throughout our session. The more time we spent photographing them that day, the more we could see how Christie and Ron, and their kids were already acting like the happy family they were to become. Christie and Ron, we are so excited that you chose us for your special occasion, and cannot wait for your wedding day!

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage