You’ve done it again.  You’ve completely blow Michael & I away by your insane generosity and beautiful hearts.  A teacher friend of ours (shout out to Jessica Schmitz!) asked us after our Christmas Giving how she could help out.  We were about to move to Juja and I knew I’d love for this new group of children to feel loved and blessed, so I responded to Jessica that she could collect a few school supplies to give to the kids at Juja (my family was coming to visit and they could throw it in their suitcases to bring over).  And in true Jessie fashion she over did it.  And since my momma was the one bring it.. In true Momma fashion, she over did it too.

My mom called me and asked if she had to leave things behind, what should be the first thing to take out of the pile?  I responded, don’t you and dad both get 2 free checked bags?  Just bring another suitcase!  Welp, she had already filled FOUR suitcases with 50 pounds of school supplies.  FOUR.

So many people were so, SO generous.. And these little angels really felt the love (and so did we!).  Thank you so much for your amazing gifts.  And an ENORMOUS thank you to my incredible parents for bringing over all the goodies and Jessica for starting what turned into an AMAZING blessing for about 85 abandoned children in the middle of no where Kenya.


I am SO excited for these ten days to pass and to get to relax and enjoy summertime, but putting those kids on the bus the last day of school is always bittersweet. Almost all of my 22 students are on free or reduced lunch (AND breakfast). Please share this video and help out my kiddos.. and all those sweet students who need some love this summer.